Selected Works by Yvette Heyliger
Code Name: Operation Lysistrata!
First Lady Laura Bush proposes a preemptive sex strike to the wives of the architects of the impending war in Iraq, but will she succeed? In this full-length play inspired by the prologue to Aristophanes’ Lysistrata, First Lady Laura Bush tries to convince the wives of the architects of the impending war in Iraq (yes, that’s Lynne Cheney, Alma Powell, Cherie Blair and friends!) to agree to a sex strike in order to thwart the 2002 Congressional vote on the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution. Code Name: Operation Lyisistrata! captures Aristophanes’ strong anti-war message laced in the bawdy sexual humor so enjoyed by ancient, as well as present-day, audiences.
What Would Jesus Do?

What Would Jesus Do? is an interfaith, intergenerational play about a God-fearing wife and mother whose exposure to HIV by her "down low" husband inspires her to take action when she asks… what would Jesus do? The surprising answer may just bring their Biblically-correct church to its knees! Live music infuses this timely and (unfortunately) still relevant story of HIV in America which challenges the faith and secular communities to do more to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic, starting with our houses of worship and our black theatres.  Excerpts (monologues and/or scenes) of What Would Jesus Do? have been presented for HIV/AIDS prevention programs at colleges, churches, prisons, local health fairs, conferences, workshops, youth and senior centers. Click here for more information about the play.

Hillary and Monica:The Winter of Her Discontent 

What would have happened if the former first lady and the infamous intern had had a chance meeting before the scandal broke? Find out in this witty, history making re-telling of this all-American uproar which takes a look at the evolution of the role of the First Lady in the White House, as well as the age old problem of infidelity which affects first ladies from all walks of life. Click here for more information about the play.

Autobiography of a Homegirl

This is a powerful, thought provoking in-your-face drama that candidly yet humorously takes a fresh look at race, color, beauty and self-esteem in American society. Autobiography of A Homegirl is the bittersweet story of a black woman's epiphany when, in a 24 hour stretch, her child's father shows up with his white fiancee and, in an historic coup, the first black woman is crowned, "Miss America." Comprehensive Study Guide Notes, as well as the author's reflections as an African American female playwright / director / producing artist, are included in this edition to supplement courses taught at high schools, colleges and universities. Written by Yvette Heyliger, you can purchase the paperback for $16.95 through the publisher, any major online bookseller or visit a Barnes & Noble Booksellers near you to place an order. The book can also be purchased at Hue-Man Book Store or Drama Bookshop in New York City. Educational institutions may want to contact the publisher directly at 877-823-9235.

The Best Stage Scenes of 2003 & The Best Women's Stage Monologues of 2003

Looking for a great scene or monologue?  Check out these selections from Yvette' Heyliger's play, Autobiography of A Homegirl, which is featured in Smith and Kraus' The Best Stage Scenes of 2003 ($14.95) and The Best Women's Stage Monologues of 2003 ($11.95).  The editor, D. L. Lepidus had this to say in his introduction, "...Here are fantastic pieces by well-known playwrights... as well as just-as-fantastic monologues by exciting new voices such as...Yvette Heyliger!

Father’s Day

Explores the occurrence of childhood sexual abuse in a black family when an estranged husband and father turns to his daughter for comfort. This play was written with the assistance of a grant from the New York State Council on the Arts/Individual Artist Program

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